Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Installing Sitecore Experience Accelerator Reference Implementation from Cognifide

I have been struggling to find enough documentation OR some reference implementation for Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) for some time now. Thanks to Michaell West for pointing me to this repository of SXA reference implementation from Cognifide.

  1. Download the code, configuration and serialized items from github 
  2. Open the visual studio solution in Administrative mode
  3. Add a reference to the Siteocre Unicorn Nuget package. This will add some configuration files as well.
  4. Change the showcaseFolder in Sitecore.XA.Project.Showcase.User.config to point to the location where you have extracted the github repository. You dont know need to touch any of the files. In my case it looks like this


  6. Create a publishing profile to publish the site to file system in your sitecore website root folder. I had pre-installed Sitecore 8.2 already and gave a file system path of "Website"
  7. Once you publish, this adds all the configurations required on Sitecore instance.
  8. Login as administrator and got to http://<yourinstancename>/unicorn.aspx
  9. Click on sync to sync Content, Media and Templates from file system to Sitecore. This takes about 3-4 mins to install and publish all Sitecore items
  10. Once everything is installed, you should see a tenant called showcase and a site called int as shown below

Explore various pages, components and variants from SXA and learn.

Happy Learning !!

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